Fran's Outdoor Classes and Personal Training are back! Choose from meeting up outdoor or staying online.

Since 2007 Fran Sirl Fitness have been delivering unique, high quality outdoor fitness classes, personal training and private group sessions across London.

We got creative & developed new skills during our Zoom lockdown sessions and have added them to  our 13 years experience of running face-to-face sessions to give you an even great training experience.


Our mission remains to entertain you, inspire you, keep you fit, happy and share the fun in our friendly real-world and Zoom online fitness sessions.

Personal Training on Thames towpath

Since 2007 Fran Sirl Fitness has continued to help people discover the great results and fun they can have outdoors at our friendly classes, small group and personal training sessions.


Our unique approach combines the latest fitness concepts, with creativity and loads of variety to keep you motivated and entertained, whatever your goals. Key to achieving this is listening to you, understanding what makes you tick and creating effective and varied training sessions. 

His flexible and approachable attitude to training is matched with a similar passion for getting clients together socially at Fran Sirl Fitness events.  This has created a unique, friendly and welcoming environment that all can enjoy. 

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