how to join an FSF online training session

  1. Sign Up / Download Zoom for desktop/laptop (ideal as screens are bigger) or tablet/smartphone

  2. Complete our online PARQ (health questionnaire) if you haven't already done so

  3. NEW to FSF? Please GET IN TOUCH to buy class credits by BACS or we'll send you a PayPal payment request

  4. EXISTING CUSTOMER? You can use your existing FSF credit or top your account up (see online prices)

  5. FSF will message you via text about the next class and ask you to confirm if you would like to attend?

  6. 15 minutes prior to a class start time FSF will text/email the live Zoom video link/password to join the class

  7. Once you've connected we'll introduce everyone and help set you up indoors or outside and for best visibility

  8. Take part, get fitter and have fun!

  9. Join in the group chat and/or 'coffee' after the class

  10. After a few classes it will feel like second nature and you'll set up your FSF online class tech like a pro!

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