nordic fitness

This is where it all began in October 2006 when Fran discovered the buzz of Nordic Walking and running.  Since then he's been running his unique mix of highly effective and social Nordic Fitness classes, in stunning Richmond Park and Wimbledon Common. 

With ever changing routes and terrains, Nordic techniques and drills using the lightweight ‘ski’ poles it’s a great way for everyone, from the less fit to the very fit, to build up whole body strength and endurance.  While also minimising the impact on knees and hips.  

Fran will guide you through a workout that can range from relatively gentle Nordic walking through to running, bounding, skating and skipping with the poles as you get fitter and what to push yourself further.

He also has been known to run Nordic Fitness events combining the poles with a harness and tyre, to simulate pulling a sledge across a snowy landscape! 

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