Fran loves being individual and therefore equally celebrates your individuality. So everything he does is designed around you, your lifestyle and goals.  


This is true whether you enjoy your PT individually or in a small private group.  Additionally you always train directly with Fran so you'll build a strong and meaningful rapport with him. Ensuring your training experience and results are even better.

Fran advises training 3 times a week but fully understands the time challenges we all face.  So you can choose personal training exclusively or mix some PT sessions with his regular classes. Giving you greater flexibility and even better value for money. 

Fran brings all the kit with him and can deliver your training to you indoors or outdoors at your home; or in one of the many amazing outdoor spaces across South West London.

Kit he brings to the party includes:

boxing, suspension training/TRX, Lebert FitBuddy, Power Bags, Kettlebells, medicine balls, free weights, pilates balls, resistance bands and more. 


Fran advises starting any new personal training programme with a body composition and lifestyle assessment, so he can get to know you better and create a bespoke programme for you.  Key to motivating you and tracking your results is a Body Composition Analysis. This is a quick and simple process that only involves you having to remove one sock!

Once you've customised how you want to train, Fran will guide and support you through every step of your journey to a fitter, thinner, leaner and biologically younger you.

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