9 years of regular attendance at Fran's classes has changed my life. I am fitter, thinner and stronger and I love exercising in the fresh air. His classes are always fun, varied and tailored to individual ability. Highly recommended"



I had many great personal training sessions with Fran during my A Level exam period. Fran's company and sense of humour was a welcome relief from studying. He encouraged me to push myself further and I found his enthusiasm infectious!"



Fran is simply the best personal trainer in the business"


East Sheen

Fran is an excellent trainer. He finds the perfect balance of being both challenging and fun. Love every session"



8 years later and I am fitter, stronger, slimmer and still motivated. But the best bits are the laughs, the friends you make and the successes you share. Why else would you keep coming back for more!"



Fran is an excellent trainer and a lovely person. He combines fun and humour into his very professional and personalised programmes. He is very knowledgeable in both fitness and nutrition and I have found each session to be very enjoyable.

Fran worked closely with my Physio therapist to help me manage a chronic muscle disorder and sciatica. Our initial sessions were gentle walks and exercises. After two years of working with him I am now doing proper workouts and enjoying life in my 50s, feeling fit and energetic. I highly recommend Fran to anyone who wants to improve their fitness as his wonderful personality shines through at every session!"



It's over 8 years ago I started training with Fran Sirl Fitness and I still love it! Nothing quite like being outdoors with the ever-changing seasons and fitness sessions.  Fran’s approach keeps you motivated and engaged. Beats the gym any day!!"


Raynes Park

What an awesome poles session today. I love the fact that I can work really hard and get my heart rate up WITHOUT running. Using the upper body with the poles also makes it 100% better than just going for a run!"



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