I've got to admit I was really unsure about doing a virtual workout. I need others around me for motivation. But needs must. I gave it a go. It was great. Fran changed it slightly and the "lockdown" version was a quality workout. At the right level for all of us to feel it afterwards! We had time for a chat at the end. I might get used to going no further than my garden!"



The online class was great - wonderful to keep the routine going and check in with friends. Amazingly it felt like our usual sessions. It was easy to set up and Fran was able to correct moves and encourage us just as in person. Thanks!"



Fran is very professional - within his group sessions we support each other and work as a team but each person is treated as an individual. His online and outdoor classes are equally fun, tough but rewarding. As one of his older (or oldest?!) and longest attending clients (over 10 years) I can honestly say his classes changed my life and continue to keep me fit, healthy and sane"



We usually train with Fran once a week in Richmond park and were worried that the Coronavirus situation would mean we'd lose our exercise routine. Luckily - through a combination of Zoom, wireless headphones and an iPhone we managed to recreate it as best as possible!
Setting up the camera on the fence post enabled us to get feedback on our for and make sure we're doing things correctly - so we've been really happy with teh sessions so far.
It's been a blessing - as after being stuck inside all week it's a nice bit of 'normal' to be able to get outside and train...and do it safely to" 

Alix & Ian


Having trained outdoors with Fran since 2011 I thoroughly enjoyed the online session.  It was easier than I imagined to join the Zoom class and amazing what you can do even in a limited space.  Still ached afterwards so just as effective as our regular outdoor sessions!" 



I had many great personal training sessions with Fran during my A Level exam period. Fran's company and sense of humour was a welcome relief from studying. He encouraged me to push myself further and I found his enthusiasm infectious!"



I have had the privilege of training with Fran since September 2016. We have recently transitioned to online Zoom PT sessions due to COVID-19. I'm not exaggerating when I say our sessions are the highlight of my week. They provide an opportunity for adult interaction (priceless in the era of home schooling!) and a fabulous endorphin rush to keep spirits high during lockdown.
Fran has used his extensive knowledge of movement and human anatomy to adapt his usual face-to-face sessions into an online one, using some basic basic kit I have at home. He has even been able to work round a recent foot injury (not to mention my technological ineptitude). I am truly grateful to be able to continue with full body exercise that he provides as I find it hard to motivate myself to exercise alone. Fran is a phenomenal trainer - I highly recommend him! "



Great online session with Fran and others from our regular Monday group, meeting in our homes/gardens instead of on the common. Clear instruction from Fran, easy to hear and see, classes well structured for either outdoor or indoors with minimal space and just a couple of cans of baked beans! Looking forward to staying fit and connected over the next few months"


SW London

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